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Work in front of a computer screen

Posted On 14/01/2017

Nowadays, we spend too much time staring at the computer screen, some just for leisure, and others, like voice talents, also for work. For this reason, numerous pathologies have appeared.

Eyes are focused to see from afar. When we are in front of a screen, a computer or a telephone, our eyes have to strain to maintain close focus for a long period of time. This effort could lead to fatigue.

In addition, when eyes are focused on something for a long time, they blink much less, causing the tear, responsible for naturally moistening them, to be distributed worse, thus causing dry eyes.

In most cases, the problems caused by the screens are a mixture of both processes: the continuous effort to focus and dry eyes.

What factors are important if you work in front of a screen:

Distance ► The closer you are to the screen, the more effort your eyes have to make to focus correctly, as we usually bring them much closer than we should. Adjusting the resolution and size on mobiles is a good idea. The further away, the less heat and radiation reaches the screen.

Ambient lighting ► When the lighting is good, the pupil does not dilate or strain to accommodate the eyes. It is highly inadvisable to see a screen with the room completely dark, and the ideal is to have an additional source of illumination, since the eyes, genetically, are prepared to receive light indirectly.

Blinking ► When paying attention to a specific object, we blink much less, naturally and unconsciously. This causes dry eyes and a headache. It is advisable to take breaks every so often (5 minutes every half hour is enough), and consciously blink to moisten your eyes.

Screen brightness ► It is a mistake to drastically lower the screen brightness to save battery life, because with such low brightness, the eyes strain much more than they should, causing fatigue. And the same is true with overlit screens, especially at night, which should have much less brightness.
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