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What will the work of the future be like

Posted On 25/01/2021

For several decades there have been great changes in the workplace around the world, appearing new and different jobs. Most of them, digital works that allow developing talent and creativity.  

The new professions that will emerge in 2030 will have such complex technological means that they currently do not exist. These are some jobs that are expected in the future:

- Traffic controller with drones: an example of this is that helicopters to control traffic on the roads will be replaced by drones.
- Robot drivers: public transport vehicles will be manned by technological systems that, in turn, will be controlled by professionals.
- Water harvesters: in times of drought they will be able to supply people and crops by taking advantage of the moisture that will be extracted from the atmosphere.
- Memory therapists and surgeons: they will implant small devices in the brain to improve memory capacity and fight Alzheimer's.
Currently, about 5% of simple tasks are automated. But 10 years from now, advances in artificial intelligence could automate 40% of jobs.
It is normal to ask questions about the future of employment ... however, the only valid answer is that you have to continue training. Learning will have to be present throughout our working lives to continue growing professionally and adapt to the changes that are to come:

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