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The cheapest Home-Studio (updated 2022)

Posted On 28/11/2018

If you want to set up your own home-studio to record your voice with good quality and you don't have enough knowledge for it, you will think you need a great sound equipment and invest a lot of time and money in it ...
Not at all! You will only need a few basic elements to start recording your voice professionally:

Sound card
Microphone and accessories
Recording software

It's that simple 😁 And I'm going to recommend some very cheap products, but with a more than acceptable quality. Let's go:


Today any computer, no matter how simple, can be used to record. Surely you already have one, so take advantage of it instead of investing in a better one, because to record audio, the most important element of the computer is the next:


If you have a good sound card in your computer, great. But the ones that are already included are usually very simple. My advice is to get an external sound card. There are very good options around € 100, but to record just the voice, you can start perfectly with one of around €40, for example:

And the 48V phantom power option is included, a necessary feature for microphone operation:


To record voices, you have to get a studio microphone, and to start in your home-studio, a simple one is more than enough. You can have a good one for less than €60:

In addition, the microphone spider is included, to avoid shocks and vibrations, and an anti-pop filter that, for those who do not know it, serves to filter the air blows normally caused by the pronunciation of the "p" and "b" .
As for the microphone stand, buy it if you prefer to record standing up, or sitting with the microphone on your desk. You have both for around € 10:

And you just need the cable to connect the microphone to the sound card. You can get this one of 6 meters, for €5 (and there are even cheaper, shorter ones):


Some do not use them to record. Some use them to listen with only one ear. In any case, they are totally necessary to listen in detail if unwanted sounds from the environment have been recorded in your recording, or noises from your own mouth, and thus be able to eliminate them when editing the audio.
Good headphones cost around €100. But to hear only the voice, a few more simple €20 will suffice:


Finally, you will need to install a program on your computer to record your voice ... in addition to watching tutorials and becoming familiar with it and understanding some concepts such as the driver and sound configuration, the compressor, the equalization, etc.
But don't panic! on YouTube you have countless tutorials to learn how to use any recording software. It's just having patience ...
And for recording audio, the best free software is Audacity. It is easy to use and has a simple interface. You can download it here:

That is if you use Windows, because if you have a Mac, I recommend Garageband, a software with many tools for editing and visually much more attractive than Audacity. You can also use your iPad or iPhone as a remote control while recording:


Some rooms have poor acoustic conditioning, and recorded audio can be very echoing, something to avoid. For a few thousand euros, you can have your own soundproof booth, but ... it's not very cheap, right?
Well, for about €40, you have a very good solution. Just put a micscreen like this around the microphone:
And for just over € 100, we would already have the basic elements necessary to record audio with great quality. Now, you just need to train your voice and go for it! 


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