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Can you cross the bridge? Solve the riddle!

Posted On 09/06/2021

Can you use math and logic to cross the bridge with your friends before the zombies arrive..? You have to cross the bridge, cut the ropes and prevent the zombies from attacking you.  

Anyway... going to an internship in a laboratory in the mountains might, not have been the best idea...
Pulling the lever with the skull symbol to see what happens, was probably not very smart either...
But now, is not time to lament, because you have to stay away from these mutant zombies!

Lesson by Alex Gendler and animation by Artrake Studio

To save yourselves, the scientist, the janitor, the old professor and you, have only one escape route: cross the immense suspension bridge. To do this, you only have 17 minutes and you must meet some conditions ..

Do you dare to solve it? 

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