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Humor and Dubbing on Spanish television

Posted On 03/02/2018

If I look back at the first dubs that caught my attention and fascinated me, they weren't those of any epic movie, or any acclaimed television series, at all... 
The first dubs that marked me were those of a mythical Spanish humor and current affairs program from the late 90s.

I remember watching this show every night, waiting to hear their absurd dubbing.
Well, as for most of his fans, those sketches were the best of that show, a path until that moment, unexplored. In fact, they were the pioneers of what is currently a trend on the internet and television.

Humor in dubbing is unavoidable, both in an amateur way by yourself at home, or in a professional studio with the dubbing director.

WOW, I almost forgot! I also have a YouTube channel...
In addition to the work done, you will see interesting videos of all kinds, and among them, there is no shortage of humorous videos, of course.
Here you can see a couple of them from the series The Wire that I dubbed a few years ago ... and other more current, very funny ones, with a script by the great Spanish comedian David Suárez..

For the most clueless, I remind you can subscribe to my YouTube channel (and my blog, from this page ...)

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