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How to do professional voice over from home

Posted On 01/03/2023


If you're reading this, it's because you're seriously considering this exciting job. Do it from the comfort of your home, choose your own hours and be your own boss. What could be better than that?

Before you get too excited, I have to tell you that it is not as easy as it seems. Being a professional voice talent requires time, effort and dedication. But don't worry, I'm going to show you the basic steps to become a voiceover master from your own home.

STEP 1: Learn the techniques of voice-over 

It doesn't matter how good your recording equipment is, or everything else... If your voiceover technique isn't good, you won't get very far. You need to learn and improve your skills.

How do you do that? Well, above all through face-to-face courses, in addition to a lot of practice to improve the basic techniques that you will learn, such as breathing control, voice projection, intonation, cadence...

And do not forget that, no matter how long it takes: there will always be something new to learn and improve.

STEP 2: Buy the necessary equipment

You don't have to spend a fortune to work from home, but you also can't just record on your phone, no matter how good it is. You will need decent recording equipment. And very important: a recording software and watch many hours of tutorials to learn how to use it and record yourself.

Does it seem complicated? Well, don't worry, here is a post with all the basics you need to have the cheapest home-studio. And if you're curious, here's another one where I describe my own home-studio.

STEP 3: Record different demos

A demo is a recording where you show off your voiceover skills to teach potential clients. The usual thing is to have one for each type of voice and style of locution. So get to it and make sure that the audio is of the highest possible quality, that your voice is heard clearly, without any effects or background music.

And very important: keep in mind that clients will listen to dozens of demos to choose the speaker for their project... so your demos should not last more than 30 seconds, the first 10 seconds of each one being key.

STEP 4: Create your personal brand

Now that you have enough awesome demos, it's time to build your brand. A strong brand will help you stand out from the competition and attract potential customers. Create a web page where you can show your demos, share your experience, show your skills and offer your services.

It is also essential to have a presence on social networks. You can make videos for YouTube or TikTok, where you show your voiceover progress or your fandub dubbing.

The most important thing at this point is that you do not force it just to have an impact; enjoy creating and have fun with it

STEP 5: Start getting jobs

You did it! Now you have everything you need to become a professional voice over artist. But how do you get a job? There are many online platforms where you can offer your voiceover services, such as Upwork or Fiverr.

You can also send demos of your work to websites specialized in freelance work and voice-overs, audio production companies, advertising agencies and other companies in the audiovisual sector that may need your services.

In conclusion, dedicating yourself to this art is an excellent option if you want to work on something creative and exciting, from the comfort of your own home. But keep this in mind: professional voice-over is a highly competitive industry, so don't despair: be patient and consistent, and enjoy the process.

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